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Success Story – ISMO BTS

Workflowing project at an automotive OEM

Service provider control and monitoring through workflowing in product management

Process development, process harmonization, process implementation, process digitalization, process automation, workflowing, process consulting, process training


  • Ensuring the quality of outcomes in the internally managed product management process (despite decreasing internal capacities and expanded outsourcing to external service providers in the coming years)
  • Harmonization of historically evolved IT standalone solutions or individual processes within five technical groups into a universally applicable process
  • Taking into account diverse interests at the operational/management level and on the side of the OEM service provider
  • Lack of transparency in the billing of outsourced scopes

Competencies and services

  • Planning, moderating, and conducting workshops for the development of an organizational design as a collaborative leadership effort
  • Piloting the design in conjunction with a pilot project (including retrospectives and design reviews)
  • Shifting the existing work culture towards agility, prototyping, bottom-up approach with a focus on value creation and customer buying criteria
  • Program coordination
  • Exploration sprints and design thinking initiatives for innovation topics (e.g., digital products, sustainability, consumer experience)


  • Introduction of product portfolio management as a central driver responsible for the overall performance portfolio across the product and customer lifecycle
  • Reorganization of the organization into agile business units with market development mandate and global business responsibility throughout the entire product lifecycle (including implementation support)
  • Introduction of service centers as service providers for the business units
  • Design and implementation of analytics/business intelligence solutions for data-driven business management
  • Development of a sustainability strategy and implementation support (including design and go-to-market of a sustainable product)

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