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Success Story – ISMO BTS

Transformation in the consumer goods industry

Organizational design, program coordination, and implementation support

Organizational design, product management (product portfolio, product exploration, agile product teams), market expansion, sustainability strategy


  • Clear need for reorganizing a business unit
  • Limited understanding of and direct interaction with the end customer, resulting in inconsistent alignment of the service portfolio
  • Desire for more innovation and holistic products and services (including digitalization potential)
  • Long product life cycles (inefficient product management processes due to historical reasons)

Competencies and services

  • Planning, facilitating, and conducting workshops for the development of an organizational design as a collaborative leadership effort
  • Piloting the design in conjunction with a pilot project (including retrospectives and design reviews)
  • Shifting the existing work culture towards agility, prototyping, bottom-up approach with a focus on value creation and customer buying criteria
  • Program coordination
  • Exploration sprints and design thinking initiatives for innovation topics (e.g., digital products, sustainability, consumer experience)


  • Introduction of product portfolio management as a central driver responsible for the overall performance portfolio across the product and customer lifecycle
  • Reorganization of the organization into agile business units with a mandate for market expansion and global business responsibility throughout the entire product lifecycle (including implementation support)
  • Introduction of service centers as service providers for the business units
  • Design and implementation of analytics/business intelligence solutions for data-driven business management
  • Development of a sustainability strategy and implementation support (including design and go-to-market of a sustainable product)

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