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Success Story – CYNEFY

Text extraction and detection at a globally leading electronics manufacturer

Proof of Concept for text extraction and detection in the electronics industry

Text Extraction, Text Detection, Machine learning


  • Time-consuming comparison of datasheets during the second source process for electronic components
  • Labor-intensive and error-prone copy & paste work of parameters from PDF to Excel for comparison purposes
  • Utilization of internal, highly skilled resources for a monotonous and low-value activity
  • Inconsistencies in decision-making due to erroneous parameters and unnecessary duplication of the same comparison process

Competencies and services

  • Agile project management and workshop facilitation with the customer's knowledge holders.

  • Utilization of various machine learning techniques for identifying, extracting, and providing parameters from PDF files


  • Analysis of existing Excel-based datasheet comparisons
  • Identification of key parameters for each component class through workshops with specialists from the customer's side
  • Utilization of machine text extraction and detection to extract and compare data from multiple datasheets
  • Use of natural language processing techniques to clean and preprocess the text data, ensuring accuracy and consistency of the extracted information
  • Comparison of extracted data fields and automated highlighting of differences
  • Provision of a user-friendly frontend for analysis and decision-making by qualified personnel
  • Accompaniment of the entire process through agile project management (conducted in sprints)

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